Posted: April 28, 2013 in Music
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Justyna Steczkowska

Nothing heavy or philosophical about this post – just a little Rob Newey Music story…

I was privileged to spend much of the 1990s touring student clubs around the university towns of Poland. It’s possibly some of the most fruitful and enjoyable work I’ve done.

On one of the earlier tours in 1992, after performing at one of the clubs, (I think it was in Bydgoszcz), the manager of the club invited my travelling companion and I to another gig.  With the difficulties of language translation, we didn’t quite know where we were going or what was expected of me.  Was he looking for me to set up all my gear and start again at another venue?

It turned out we’d been invited to a private house concert that was being given by an artist to her friends.  An intimate concert with no more than thirty-five to forty people present, it was a great experience and once the main performance had finished the mic was opened to the floor and subsequently I was invited to sing a couple of my songs.  You could tell it was musos present by the way they took out my cassette sleeves to pour over the credits!  One of the musicians I met was a drummer called Josef (pronounced Yosef) who 12 months later turned up at my gig at the same club to hear me sing.

With the music having run it’s course, a select few were invited to another room to continue to party.  We were invited but, to our embarrassment, the guy who’d brought us was not: (he was clearly not one of the chosen few, but probably we only made it in because we were English guests and it was only polite to ask us!).  However, our manager friend was very good about it and insisted, “No, you go, you go”

And so it was we found ourselves eating and drinking with an interesting group of musicians, writers, artists…    …by around 12pm, (the vodka was flowing freely by now), we excused ourselves, explaining that we had to be on the road early to travel to another town for my next gig

It was only later that I discovered that the singer was apparently a rising star by the name of Justyna Steczkowska (I have one of her cds at home now) – she certainly fitted the description, unless of course there’s another Polish singer who looks and sounds the same!

Fast forward to April 2013 and yesterday I came across this image of said singer – clearly now one of the judges on the Polish version of The Voice

Of course if that wasn’t Justyna Steczkowska at the original house concert then this story is arguably spurious, although the name would be the only inaccuracy!

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