chilled day

Posted: December 28, 2012 in Uncategorized

jsw_121228_studio_(6) crop

Had a lovely chilled out day today.  No, not just sitting around, or catching up on Christmas TV (thankfully, didn’t do much of that at all this Christmas)……   In between very enjoyable family visits, I had a “free” day, so I set my ipod to shuffle (currently on a Mark Knopfler song after a number from DelAmitri) and just got on with catching up on one or two work related things, which included getting my study/studio nearer completion having moved from one room to another

I have to say, doing these things not because I have to today, but just because I want to, has been very relaxing.  Along the way, I’ve been reflecting on how very grateful I am – mainly from a spiritual point of view as to where I find myself dwelling these days

So as I leave you for now, while allowing a bit of Nicole Nordeman to waft over me (a reflective song called “Anyway”), may I take this opportunity to pray that your 2013 is at least as blest as my 2012 has been.

My 2013? – I’m hoping those creative juices start flowing……

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