sowing seeds

Posted: November 26, 2012 in Uncategorized

Shirehampton, Bristol, 1950s.  When the area was finished there would be a green play area amongst the houses, but back then it was a few piles of rubble left over from the building work

The white bearded, stocky man who mysteriously appeared, sat down on the pavement next to the rubble, took out his concertina and began to sing and play.  Wearing his woolly hat and his big boots with thick socks riding over the top, he could perhaps have been a sailor from one of the boats at the nearby docks

As he began to sing, kids from the nearby houses came out to sit and listen….  “Jesus wants me for a sunbeam…..”,  “Jesus loves me this I know…..”   They were captivated, as was Elaine; she was fascinated – there was something about this man and his songs

 Elaine (who is now my wife) tells me that looking back she realises that those were the first seeds sown in her heart of faith and belief (she’d not had the experience of any spiritual input from her family or a church background)

 I guess the singing sailor (if that’s what he was) has no idea about the fruit that resulted from the seed he sowed that day.  Elaine says he’s one of the first people she wants to say “thank you” to if we get to be able to do that when we “shake off this mortal coil”

Sometimes, God only knows what affect we have on others through the things we do, the words we say, the songs we sing, the pictures we paint; but the seeds sown may well have fallen on good ground that will bear fruit all in good time….                                 

…and that’s why I go sing my songs in schools.






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